Solutions in Technology. Change in Action. Accessibility for All.

Liberation of Technology

Our industry is forever evolving. Staying ahead of the curve is one thing, but how do you bring others with you?

This is HENNGE's mission.

Putting accessibility at the heart of all we do allows us to bridge the gap between tomorrow's ideas and today's real- world needs.

Delivering both proven solutions and cutting-edge tech, we keep challenging the industry and together with our customers, nudging the world towards change for the better.


Take the First Bite

Plucking Unripe Technological Fruit

  • Being an early adopter is in our DNA. We stay true to this core value by seeking and plucking the unripe fruits of future technologies.
  • Progress comes from challenging norms. We're never afraid to take the first bite and make mistakes early.
  • Failing fast and learning faster enables the liberation of technology as we develop new solutions and plant the seeds of change for our customers to share the benefits.

Workspaces that Work

Cloud Security Means Efficiency; Anywhere, Anytime.

HENNGE is at the forefront of the changing workplace.

Everyday HENNGE One, the number one cloud security service, enables customers to adopt flexible work environments and safely harness the power of the cloud from any location.

With cloud security taken care of, employees are free to focus on working smarter, improving quality and achieving business results.


Our Story

In a world of change, one thing has stayed constant since our founding in 1996.

HENNGE harnesses the power of transformative technology and makes it accessible and secure for all.

It's a simple story, but one that drives us forward today.

What makes us HENNGE?

Everyone at HENNGE brings unique skills and experience but together we share some common traits.

  • We're experts at what we do.

    Committed to continuous learning but always start from a foundation of solid technical understanding.

  • We're change in action.

    Consider change an opportunity for growth and remain ready to turn uncertainty to advantage.

  • We're collaborative.

    Improving our cutting-edge tech and individual capabilities means sharing with each other and our customers for maximum benefit.

Our Name

Originating from the Japanese characters for 'transformation' and 'challenge', our name reflects our shared commitment to be change in action.

It's a daily reminder to keep challenging ourselves as we deliver the transformative power of new technologies to all.

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