Free Dr Pepper System

"Many great engineers love Dr.Pepper" (From our CEO's experience), so of course our company has the world's only Dr.Pepper vending machine. Employees can have as many Dr.Peppers as they can drink.

Lab Room

Various types of trial development are pursued here under the direct supervision of the CEO/CTO. Currently much of the development focuses on IoT hardware using 3D printers. Tools and services are tested here before being implemented into the office.

Official Language: English

Because approximately 20% of our employees have come to us from outside Japan, just being at our company can make a person feel more global. In 2016, we changed our primary in-house language to English in the hope that all our employees will strive to help make us a company that can communicate with the world.

Diverse Communication

With employees from around the world, there are many opportunities to communicate with fellow office-mates. We have coffee time everyday, and we regularly have free Communication Lunches where we can eat and talk with members of the company that we may not have the chance to otherwise. In addition, we celebrate both traditional Japanese Holidays (Setsubun, Tanabata) as well as those from around the world (Halloween, Chinese New Years).

Work-style Revolution

Since we promote new work styles to our customers, we must fully embrace those ideals ourselves. In order to support an autonomous work style, we have taken steps to create an open and fluid working environment for our staff. Our company has a free seating policy as well as the option to work remotely.

Monthly Technical Session

Once a month, we hold an in-house technical session conducted entirely in English. The purpose of these sessions is to share both our technical interests as well as what we have learned from our tasks and projects.