Free Dr Pepper System

In the CEO/CTO's experience, many of the best engineers like Dr Pepper, Thus our company has the world's only vending machine with a Dr Pepper design. Employees can drink as much as they want for free.

Lab Room

Various types of trial development are pursued here under the CEO/CTO's direct supervision. Currently, much development focuses on IoT hardware using 3D printers. Aside from development, various tools and services are first used in this room before being used elsewhere in the company.

Official In-house Language: English

Because approximately 20% of our employees have come to us from outside Japan, just being at our company can make a person feel more global. In 2016, we changed our primary in-house language to English in the hope that all our employees will strive to help make us a company that can communicate with the world.

Diverse Communication

Every day we have coffee time, during which non-Japanese employees bring recommended coffees from their home countries, and we regularly invite cooks from outside the company to help with free communication lunches. In addition, we hold events related to cultures of various countries, including Setsubun, Tanabata (also called the Star Festival), Halloween, and the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Work-style Revolution

To promote an autonomous work style, we have taken work-style-revolution-steps, including remote work and associated facilities as well as setting up a non-territorial office where employees are free to change their seats. Given that we propose new work styles to our customers, we must first strive to embody that ideal ourselves.

Monthly Technical Session

Once a month, we hold an in-house technical session conducted completely in English, including everything from running the session to handling Q&A. These sessions' purpose is to share both our technical interests and the know-how we have gained from currently ongoing work.。