We continue to evolve in this era
of change to serve as a company
that transforms the world.

We are

We learn from vicissitude;
we make use of variations;
we consider change an opportunity for metamorphosis.
As a group of technical experts,
we make the best use of uncertainty to progress in all ways:
we enhance our cutting-edge technological capabilities
and our own individual abilities
and share our findings with each other.

Origin of HENNGE

Hennge 変化(へんげ hen-ge)(noun):

  1. (1) referring to humans, animals, or gods appearing in a different form.
  2. (2) The ability to change forms.

In this era of change, we strive to empower people who are facing the various challenges of change. By using ever-changing technologies as a tool, we want to face our fears of change with a positive mindset. As a Japanese IT company, we want to bring excitement to the world.

"HENNGE", embodies our ideals of, accepting and facing change 変化(へんげ hen-ge), challenging it head-on.