We continue to evolve in this era
of change to serve as a company
that transforms the world.

We are

We learn from vicissitude;
we make use of variations;
we consider change an opportunity for metamorphosis.
As a group of technical experts,
we make the best use of uncertainty to progress in all ways:
we enhance our cutting-edge technological capabilities
and our own individual abilities
and share our findings with each other.

Origin of HENNGE

The Japanese word hennge refers to the transformation and subsequent appearance of a person, animal, god, or Buddha. The word also refers to various other types of changes in appearance. In these turbulent times, we want to use ever-evolving technologies as a tool to enjoy helping people facing the challenges of all kinds of changes without fearing those changes ourselves. As an IT company born in Japan, we want to bring excitement to the world. We have chosen to call our company "HENNGE" as a symbol of our commitment. The new company name denotes transformation, changes, and the resulting challenges.