Liberating technology to change the world.

Liberation of technology

Our core concept, liberating technology, refers to how we deliver our original technologies, together with other cutting-edge technologies, to a wide range of customers in an effort to change the world for the better.

We have a strong belief in the potential of technology. We are in awe that IT has and continues to change the world, all the while developing at an astounding rate.

At the same time, we are well aware that, as wonderful as it is, technology sometimes appears in forms difficult for people to access. For people to benefit from the power of IT, someone has to bridge the gap between ideals and reality.

Our goal is to serve as a technological bridge and continuously provide customers with new kinds of values while contributing to global development.


We will continue to pluck unripe technological fruit so that we can remain an early adopter.

Make mistakes early

Pluck the unripe fruit that is new technology. By making repeated mistakes, we can determine which of these fruits have the potential to be useful to customers and then provide them to wide customer base.