External Transmission of User Information

In providing its services, HENNGE K.K. (“HENNGE”) may transmit information (“User Information”) regarding HENNGE’s service users (“Users”) via Users’ devices to HENNGE or to entities that provide external services which are used to provide HENNGE’s services. This page indicates the content of User Information that may be transmitted by HENNGE, the purposes of its utilization, the entities to whom the information may be transmitted, and other related information.


[Content and purposes of utilization of transmitted User Information]

In providing HENNGE’s services, HENNGE may acquire User Information (information regarding the device, browser, and applications used, network information such as IP address, history of accessing HENNGE’s services, etc.) and use this information to analyze usage trends for the development and improvement of services provided by HENNGE.

[Entities to whom User Information may be transmitted]

Name of external service to which information may be transmitted
(Name of the service providers)
Information regarding external service providers
(Amplitude Inc.)
Privacy Notice
(Datadog, Inc.)
Privacy Policy
Google Analytics
Google Workspace
(Google LLC)
Privacy Policy
/Reference Information Regarding Notification and Disclosure in Accordance with Article 27-12 of the Telecommunications Business Act (for Enterprises) (in Japanese only)
(Salesforce, Inc.)
Privacy Statement
(Intercom, Inc.)
Privacy Policy
Microsoft Azure
(Microsoft Corporation)
Privacy Statement
(WingArc1st Inc.)
Privacy Policy
(Productboard, Inc.)
Privacy Policy
(SatisMeter s.r.o.)
Privacy Policy
Slack(Slack Technologies Limited) Privacy Policy

For details regarding the handling of the User Information transmitted by HENNGE, please refer to the above privacy policies and statements of the entities to whom HENNGE transmits information. Users wishing to stop the transmission of User Information may do so from the opt-out pages of each provider (when there is a link in the table above to the website indicating how to opt out) or by changing the settings of their own browsers, smartphones or other devices.


In addition to the external services indicated in 1. above, HENNGE may also acquire information that is essential for providing telecommunications services, information necessary for the retention of entered information, information necessary for user authentication, information necessary for security purposes, and information necessary for network management through the websites operated by HENNGE and HENNGE’s services, such as operating system (OS) information, screen setting information, language setting information, and browser information. This information will be used for the following purposes:

  • (1) To ensure the normal operation and functionality of the services provided by HENNGE and the websites operated and managed by HENNGE;
  • (2) To provide personalized services to visitors to the HENNGE’s websites; and
  • (3) To analyze usage trends in order to improve the content of the websites operated by HENNGE.

Users wishing to stop the transmission of the above User Information may do so through the settings of their own browsers, smartphones or other devices. However, User Information such as cookies used for the purposes (1) above are essential for the operation of services. If Users disable their transmission, Users may not be able to use some functions of our service properly.


HENNGE conducts regular reviews regarding its external transmission. In the event of any changes to HENNGE’s services or external services, this External Transmission of User Information may be revised as necessary. In the event of revision, the revised version will be made available on the HENNGE website and in other forms.