Global Internship Program



How will I get to Japan?

GIP will cover your round-trip airfare, as well as assist in connecting you with a travel agent to purchase your tickets.

What kind of visa will I need?

HENNGE GIP is an unpaid internship (with a subsidy), so a working visa is not required.
A short-term stay visa will be necessary for interns from countries that require a visa to enter Japan.

What's included in the GIP?

    1. Round-trip airfare

    2. A subsidy to cover your regular living expenses, such as accommodation, meals, transportation and essentials as calculated by typical living costs for Tokyo.

    3. Medical insurance is provided on top of the subsidy.

Applying to
the Program

How do I apply?

Applicants are required to solve a coding challenge before proceeding to the screening process. Click Here for more details on the application process.

What about my accommodation?

Interns are expected to reserve their own housing and will be reimbursed (up to the maximum) on your first day with us.

Do I need to get insurance?

Although we are not directly affiliated with any insurance company, we will apply for your medical insurance coverage through VivaVida (Short Term Stay: Two month plan).

Is there a deadline for applications?

No, we're always accepting applications but GIP runs on a first-come, first-served basis so we recommend securing your spot as soon as possible.

Can I re-apply?

Of course! Applicants may apply as many times as they wish. However, we recommend that applicants re-apply at least 9-12 months after their first attempt.
Note: You will need to register with a different email address when re-applying.

Can I choose a flexible internship slot?

It's important each batch of interns start at the same time, so unfortunately the dates are fixed in advance and not flexible.
However, the length of your internship can be shortened (by no less than four weeks). If this is something you wish to do, please let your interviewer know should you pass the screening stage.

Are there non-backend/front-end internships available?

From time to time we offer internships in other areas of HENNGE's business so please check our recruiting page for availability.
Note: Japanese proficiency is required for these roles.

What happens after my internship?

After the internship, interns who express an interest in working with HENNGE in the future will have the opportunity to pursue this.

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