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The flexible solution
to secure your OTP keys.

Coordinating One Time Passwords (OTPs) between softwares and accounts is now one step easier.

HENNGE Lock is an MFA app for HENNGE Access Control users.


OTPs Are Now Absolute.

An Innovative OTPs management method strengthens your online security. HENNGE Lock securely authenticates you behind the scenes. Break free from the OTP headaches.

iOS & Android

Redesigned UI

One-Step login*

Enhanced security

* Only available with HENNGE Access Control.


Manage All Your OTPs on

HENNGE Lock allows easier access to your OTPs without compromising security. Replace scattered authentication steps with a new OTP management user interface.


Replace OTPs for business flexibility

HENNGE Lock provides flexible solutions to OTP

Higher efficiency

HENNGE Lock has a redesigned interface with bigger fonts for users to easily read the OTP digits.

Support iOS & Android

HENNGE Lock is available on both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. You can easily get HENNGE Lock on any mobile device.

Free of charge

Users already subscribed to HENNGE Access Control can enjoy all functions of HENNGE Lock without any extra charge.

Some integrations require a custom account setup

Absolute Compliance

A single app to manage your accounts

HENNGE Lock is compliant with RFC 6238 standard and various platforms

List of compliant platforms

Amazon Web Services






Google Accounts

Google Workspace


Microsoft Accounts


Yahoo! JAPAN

Start HENNGE Lock today

Replace OTPs and two-factor authentication with HENNGE Lock.

HENNGE Lock is an MFA app for HENNGE Access Control users.

Not subscribed to HENNGE Access Control yet?

Please check the HENNGE One product page for further details.