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enable the right future.

HENNGE One is your one-stop solution for secure access to all your cloud services. One simple sign-on to
secure and manage access to Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365), Google Workspace (Formerly Google G Suite), Salesforce, and more.
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How secure is
your cloud data?

Operating in the cloud brings risk and reward in equal measure. Data is a historical asset to be protected. It's also the lifeblood driving every organization forward. HENNGE One combines the peace of mind of unrivalled cloud security with the excitement of new possibilities.


HENNGE Access Control & HENNGE Secure Browser

Connect and protect.
Cloud access control made simple.

HENNGE Access Control gives simple, customizable and secure access to those who need it while protecting cloud-based services from unauthorized access through IP restrictions and Two-Factor Authentication.

Surf and safeguard. The browser that's big on security and functionality.

We know that every device connected to your organization is a security risk. HENNGE Secure Browser has been designed to limit information that can be leaked while maintaining maximum functionality for happy and productive users.

*You need a HENNGE One account to use HENNGE Secure Browser.

HENNGE Secure Transfer

Share and collaborate.
Large file transfer made seamless and secure.

Organizations thrive on information shared. HENNGE Secure Transfer lets you share large files internally and externally while granting maximum security control with expiring URL downloads and customizable password protection.


Next level email control

Human errors happen, but email mistakes don't have to. HENNGE Email DLP takes email control to the next level with fully customizable security services for Google Workspace (Formerly Google G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365), including email filtering, suspension and data loss prevention.

Mail Archive

Safe and sound.
Secure email archiving while you sleep.

We know users only think about archiving when they can't find that lost email. HENNGE Mail Archive encrypts and archives every email in real time, so you can rest assured that the information you need will always be a simple search away via administrator- controlled and customizable access.

HENNGE OTP Generator

Manage your OTP securely

HENNGE OTP (One Time Password) Generator provides a physical PIN input screen which prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your data with your OTP while you are away from your smartphone.

- Amazon Web Services (AWS Multi-Factor Authentication)
- Dropbox (2-Step Verification)
- Evernote (2-Step Verification)
- Facebook (Log-In)
- GitHub (2-Factor Authentication)
- Google (2-Step Verification)
- Google Apps for Business (2-Step Verification)
- HENNGE One (HENNGE Access Control OTP Verification)
- Microsoft (2-Step Verification)
- Tumblr (2-Factor Authentification)
- Yahoo! JAPAN (Yahoo! JAPAN OTP)

"We moved our work to the cloud due to its efficiency, and
HENNGE One provides secure administration over the system"

- Kenji Tomooka, Fujitec

...and more customers are benefited by HENNGE One.

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