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    Actualizing a secure Microsoft 365 environment with HENNGE One is an indispensable condition for enhancing the synergy of Keio Group.
    Company: Keio Corporation

As the core company of Keio Group, we aim to support affluent lifestyles in areas along our rail lines.

Could you give us an overview of Keio Corporation's business?

Keio Corporation is a railroad operator that operates railroad lines from southwestern Tokyo to northern Kanagawa Prefecture, mainly between Shinjuku and Hachioji. It is also the core company of the Keio Group, which supports affluent lifestyles through a wide range of services, including transportation, distribution, real estate, and leisure. The Keio Group aims to be a "trusted top brand" that is environmentally friendly and sincere to all those with whom we interact. Based on the trust established by each Group company, the entire Group is working together to "further improve safety and services," "revitalize areas along railway lines," "increase profitability," and "work toward growth initiatives”.

Why did you decide to implement Microsoft 365?

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Up until now, we have operated groupware in an on-premise environment and have promoted its utilization. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this document, in order for the entire group to work together for future growth, it is essential to have a communication platform that enables a seamless connection between group companies.

That was when we turned our attention to the cloud. While keeping in mind the growing need for the use of smart devices, we decided to take the initiatives and consider migrating to a new communication platform that uses the cloud as its infrastructure. We evaluated multiple services while thinking about our objectives. The deciding factor was the ability to not only utilize “Exchange Online”, which provides functions such as email and calendars, but also “SharePoint Online”, which allows for functions such as information sharing, document sharing and workflow. Thus, we decided to adopt Microsoft 365.

Taking full advantage of HENNGE One features for access control and BYOD

Did the introduction of Microsoft 365 and iPads go smoothly?

Regarding Microsoft 365, we are promoting the use of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and also Lync Online. In doing so, HENNGE One is utilized in combination to ensure safety and security. Specifically, the following functions (services) are being adopted.

■ Access Security

HENNGE One’s Access Security is used to make sure access to Microsoft 365 is limited to Keio Corporation and some of the group companies. IP authentication is used to the risk of unauthorized access and information leakage from networks outside of the group.

■ Message Security

As measures against misdirected emails, we adopt the “5-minute temporary hold function” and the “automatic encryption of attached files”. In addition, in the unlikely event of an information leak or other problem, we also utilize the "archive function" to check the contents of all emails exchanged by employees and track them.

■ Device Security

In order to meet the needs of mobile use, Device Security is also being utilized. Specifically, HENNGE One’s Security Browser allows employees to access Microsoft 365 from their own smartphones, enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

With Secure Browser, although messages and attachments can be viewed, files cannot be downloaded to the terminal. We appreciate that this function is extremely effective as a measure against information leakage in the event that a device is lost or stolen.

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We wanted to resolve the operational burden and cost issues caused by using multiple services.

Why was it necessary to strengthen security?

Microsoft 365 also has features such as ID and password authentication. However, since it is a cloud service designed for public use, it is not intended for strict security management. In light of the security policy we have in place, it was essential to enhance security in some way.

What were the deciding factors in your decision to use HENNGE One?

Actually, prior to the adoption of HENNGE One, we were using other services such as Gateway Security with IP restrictions, Messaging Security and Archiving.
We had been using these services for about a year and a half, but there were some issues in terms of operation and management burden. Because we had separate contracts with each of these cloud service providers, naturally the support contact points were also different. When a problem arose, it took a long time to separate and identify the problem.

Along with that, the cost burden of using multiple services was also another serious problem.

On the contrary, HENNGE One provides multiple functions, including access security, messaging security, and device security, all in one. We highly appreciate this point.

Additionally, the fact that several group companies were already using HENNGE One at the time, and that it had a proven track record of stable operation, also supported the adoption of the system.

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Actualizing a mobile environment that could balance between the scope of work that could be done on the go and the cost

Are there any features of HENNGE One that you particularly appreciate?

From the beginning, we had high expectations for device security.
No matter how much we migrate to Microsoft 365, simply moving to a cloud service is meaningless. We believed that the key to maximizing the benefits of moving to the cloud was mobile support. This is because it directly affects business convenience and productivity, as emails that previously could only be checked inside the office could now be checked outside of the company as well. We also thought that HENNGE One's device security would be “killer content” in getting the managers and users from each department to understand the migration to the cloud.
In addition, we also appreciate the fact that HENNGE One's Device Security allows secure access to Microsoft 365 using only a browser, making it suitable for BYOD. Along with that, it can support the scope of work that we consider acceptable to perform on the go, such as checking emails, and it can also be made mobile-ready at a reasonable cost.

We actually had considered and evaluated other mobile support methods. Although they could handle a wider range of tasks, they did not really match our situation because there wasn’t that much of a need in the field. We also had to introduce a separate mechanism for terminal authentication.

An active effort to increase synergy. Strong support from HENNGE

Please tell us about the effect of HENNGE One’s introduction

If a problem occurs, we are now able to respond smoothly to troubleshooting, and the support contact has also been consolidated into HENNGE, significantly reducing the operation and management burden. In addition, costs have been reduced compared to the days when multiple services were used separately. Specifically, the cost of licenses has been reduced to one-third of what it used to be.
In addition, what we perceive as the most significant achievement is that we have been able to create an environment in which we can safely utilize Microsoft 365. As a result, we will be able to actively increase synergy by integrating the communications that are currently being operated separately by each group company.

Finally, please let us know if you have any feedback or expectations for HENNGE.

We have been very satisfied with HENNGE's support, which has always been prompt and helpful. However, our efforts to develop a communication platform for Keio Corporation and the Keio Group have only just begun, and we look forward to HENNGE's continued support in providing effective proposals and solutions to our efforts.