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  • One-stop Access to a Full Range of Security Functions in the Cloud

    Providing a one-stop solution for email archiving and misdelivery prevention, the biggest challenges for transferring groupware and email systems to the cloud.
    Company: Laforet Harajuku

Introducing Google Workspace to ensure system continuity and reduce operational burden

So first of all, why did you choose to implement Google Workspace?

Previously, we were using the email groupware (IBM Lotus Notes) email. Since we have been using it for quite some time, it’s about time we updated the system. However, since the service was operating stably, we initially considered upgrading to a newer version.

On the other hand, management was demanding cost reduction measures in terms of assets, operations, and energy; we also wanted to thoroughly reduce email-related costs such as anti-virus software and anti-spam measures, so we could not fully discard the option of transferring our email system to a cloud environment. However, considering the burden of having employees learn a new groupware tool, we could not decide which was better: upgrading or transferring our system.

However, after experiencing a major incident, awareness about BCP has changed drastically both within the company and society. In the case of an email system, operating the system in a cloud computing environment was more likely to ensure the continued use of the system in the event of a disaster compared to operating the system in-house. There was also less reluctance to operate the email system outside of the company, so we decided to make the transition.

Why did you choose Google Workspace?

We considered (and in some cases test-implemented) email/groupware services from 7 products and more than 10 companies, but we ended up choosing Google Workspace mainly for the following 4 reasons:
Abundant experience with domestic and international implementations = a wealth of information.
Reliability of the facility because it is operated by Google
Highly searchable mailboxes with large capacity (25 GB)
The ser interface is suitable for our employees

One-stop access to a full range of security functions

Next, please tell us why you introduced HENNGE One?

In considering the introduction of Google Workspace, we were faced with the issue of whether we could make the transition without changing our on-premise operation methods. In the past, all e-mails were recorded on a forensic server, and a spam appliance was used to instantly track incoming and outgoing emails.

Google Workspace offers an optional email archiving function, but the two main issues were that the storage period could only be selected between either 1 year or 10 years, and Japanese-language search was not available. We wanted to use a service that would allow us to freely choose the storage period to some extent in order to reduce cost, and that would also allow us to respond immediately to inquiries about email problems from inside and outside the company using Japanese-language search. In addition, we wanted to not only continue with the current functions, but also incorporate a system that automatically encrypts attached data. In the past, when data was sent as an attachment to an email, we had to encrypt it using ZIP manually, so we wanted to proactively work on measures to prevent email misdelivery.

Thus, we consulted with the distributor who supported us in implementing Google Workspace, and was introduced to HENNGE One as a service that is an excellent match with Google Workspace. We decided to install HENNGE One because it offers a full range of services and is very cost-effective.

What did you appreciate about HENNGE One?

The most important point is HENNGE One’s full range of functions, which can be easily used in the cloud as a one-stop service. Even if we reduce the operational load of the email system by migrating to Google Workspace, if it takes time and effort to build and operate the archiving and misdelivery prevention measures, the operation will become complicated, and it will be a complete waste of time. As a one-stop cloud service, HENNGE One provides email archiving and encryption functions, so there is no separate installation or burden. In addition, the HENNGE’s data center, which operates the system, is well-equipped with facilities and other equipment. Since SLA guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate, the reliability of the cloud service is also assured.