HENNGE adds OBC's Bugyo Cloud and Bugyo Cloud Edge to the linkage solutions of HENNGE One2020.09.24

HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Ogura) is pleased to announce that Bugyo Cloud and Bugyo Cloud Edge provided by OBIC BUSINESS CONSULTANTS CO., LTD.,(OBC for short) is now supported by SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS), HENNGE One.

Nowadays, facing the increasing diversity in working styles such as telework and telecommuting, business services are rapidly transferring to cloud. Meanwhile, as various cloud services are introduced into companies, the efforts required for entering login IDs and passwords for each service and the complexity of ID management have become a new issue.

The linkage among HENNGE One, Bugyo Cloud and Bugyo Cloud Edge, saves users from the trouble of entering IDs and passwords every time they start up, and frees the companies from the hassle of managing multiple IDs and passwords while enabling precise access restrictions.

Medium-sized and group companies which have adopted HENNGE One now are able to enjoy an environment that allows their employees to process time and attendance management, payroll distribution, sales management, and other tasks swiftly without logging in "Bugyo Cloud" and "Bugyo Cloud Edge" every single time.

HENNGE will continue to increase the number of SaaS services linked with its SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS) HENNGE One, supporting the introduction of convenient and secure SaaS for companies.

■Bugyo Cloud Bugyo Cloud is a business cloud that can be safely and freely utilized by the back office departments of small and medium-sized companies to accelerate their business. With world-class security, customers can use it safely and securely, facilitating the usual work easier than ever. Connecting to all the businesses and expanding them, people will be able to operate more functions and tasks they couldn't do before. The Bugyo Cloud Group Shared Model leads to the possibility of standardizing the business systems within group companies. Bugyo Cloud Edge is a business cloud service that standardizes business processes and increases productivity by connecting employees and back office departments together. Replacing paper and Excel-based work with Bugyo Cloud Edge simplifies the time-consuming, manual work processes, increases productivity for both staff and the back office consequently. Moreover, the adoption of Bugyo Cloud Edge can contribute to cost savings given the operation digitization process.

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HENNGE One is a SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS) that provides comprehensive secure access, single sign-on functionality, and other features across various cloud services, including Microsoft 365, G Suite, Box, and LINE WORKS.

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OBC delivers products that bring changes to the business style according to the needs of customers, with Kanjo Bugyo Cloud and Bugyo Cloud as its core products. Focusing on the customers of the Bugyo series with a cumulative total of more than 630,000 companies, OBC is working on the promotion of "UP to cloud", a concept of converting conventional systems to the cloud, along with improving business productivity dramatically, which has become an urgent issue for many companies under the current situation of severe labor shortage.

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