Ebina City Realizes a Smooth Two-Way Communication Between Local Government and Residents through "CHROMO"2020.10.01

HENNGE K.K. (Headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Mr. Kazuhiro Ogura) announced that "CHROMO", a platform which links local governments with residents and facilitates the two-way communication smoothly, had been introduced in Ebina City.

Since October 1, 2020, a new dedicated portal website "CHROMO" to replace the conventional "School Mail" that sends notifications of elementary and junior high schools to parents via email has been introduced in Ebina. Notifying parents via LINE in addition to e-mail for example, this adoption makes it possible to provide information to parents more effectively. Moreover, by enabling functions like reporting absences of their children to school online, the two-way communication between parents and schools becomes attainable. Furthermore, the introduction of CHROMO is also expected to lessen the administrative burden on faculty and staff, given cases like the elimination of the need for printing once the school handouts are sent to parents in a digital version.

■ Benefits the CHROMO Brings
・Notifications can be sent using communication tool LINE besides e-mail School absences can be reported online
・Schedule of school events is supported to be checked by the bulletin board function
・All the school handouts are posted on the bulletin board in PDF or other digital forms, open to be visited at any time
・Telephone support center responds to inquiries from parents

■ About CHROMO
CHROMO is a SaaS system that connects the local government and residents, facilitating a smooth two-way communication.

■ Municipal Tasks Solved by CHROMO
Failure to meet the diversified needs of local residents Heavy work burden due to the discrepancy between the reduced personnel number after the administrative reform and the increasing demands of residents Concerns about personal information leakage and the system failure in emergency situations

■ Fields Where CHROMO Can be Utilized
・Health and Welfare
・Disaster Prevention
・Public Relations

■ More details about CHROMO
Please refer to the website below

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