Public day-care centers in Tsukubamirai progress in terms of using HENNGE service2020.11.17

Based on a comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded by Tsukubamirai, Ibaraki Prefecture (mayor: Hiroshi Odagawa) and HENNGE K.K. (Shibuya, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kazuhiro Ogura) in January of this year aimed at revitalizing the community through childcare support, ICT service has been introduced at two public day-care centers in the city. This service is being used to facilitate communication between the day-care centers and guardians, which is leading to progress in terms of developing an environment in which children can easily be raised, a goal Tsukubamirai hopes to achieve. Although the introduction of the ICT service CHROMO was delayed due to the coronavirus crisis, the two public day-care centers started using it in July.

Overview of the progress of developing an environment in which children can easily be raised

◯ Guardian registration situation
・Of the 162 children, the guardians of 156 of them (96%) have registered (as of the end of September).
・A total of 199 guardians (123%) have registered, which means that multiple guardians have registered for each child (as of the end of September).

◯ Use of the service to inform the centers of absence or tardiness
・In September alone, CHROMO was used to inform the centers of absence or tardiness 124 times.
As a result, there are now only a few cases of guardians informing day-care centers of absence or tardiness by phone, which has reduced the burden on both guardians and day-care teachers.

◯ Paperless handling of newsletters from day-care centers
・In August, the day-care centers started sending day-care-center newsletters and class newsletters to guardians as attached files by using CHROMO instead of distributing paper newsletters as they did in the past. This has eliminated the work involved in printing the newsletters while enabling the day-care centers to more efficiently communicate information to guardians. We have also heard that notifications regarding things to bring, money collection, and other details are also being handled using CHROMO, which has eliminated the need to verbally remind guardians over and over.

We intend to continue pursuing service development leading to further reductions in the burdens faced by day-care centers and guardians as well as further improvements in the child-raising environment. At the same time, we will expand the use of this service to encompass not only day-care centers but also childcare support rooms as we work to help make Tsukubamirai as a whole an easy environment to raise children in. Through this initiative, Tsukubamirai and HENNGE will continue jointly promoting the utilization of ICT as a means of revitalizing the community through ongoing childcare support while also resolving community issues.

About our comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tsukubamirai

■ Objective
The objective of this agreement is for Tsukubamirai and HENNGE to cooperate closely to support child-rearing families while promptly and unerringly responding to various community issues in order to revitalize the community.

■ Matters of cooperation
To achieve our objective, we will cooperate on matters related to the following:
(1) Providing support for homes that have pregnant women or infants
(2) Improving the work of day-care centers and other childcare facilities
(3) Improving public service
(4) Building a community that is safe and secure
(5) Any other matters that are deemed necessary

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