Consultation service released as a new CHROMO function2021.04.07

HENNGE K.K. (Shibuya, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kazuhiro Ogura) is pleased to announce the release of a consultation service as a new function for CHROMO, a communication service used to achieve smooth two-way communication with local residents, which the company provides to municipalities throughout the country.

CHROMO is seeing increased utilization in the childcare and education fields in various municipalities. CHROMO is used to digitize communication between municipalities and residents, including handling absence and tardiness notifications from guardians online, online distribution of newsletters by facilities, notifications regarding events and other functions using an online calendar, and similar functions.

At sites involved in childcare support, municipalities have grappled with the issue of not being able to keep up with every expectant and nursing mother during the period of time from when the Maternal and Child Health Handbook is obtained until the infant medical exams are performed following childbirth.
In addition, when expectant and nursing mothers are dealing with their first pregnancy, their first experience raising children, or unfamiliar places after moving, even if they find themselves dealing with anxieties or other problems in their new environments, they do not know how to go about consulting with the local government and end up isolated.

Therefore, HENNGE has released a new consultation function for CHROMO. Using this function enables users to notify the department in charge in their municipality when they have a problem and desire a chat or phone-based consultation.
To make it easier to engage in such consultation, anonymity is assumed.
After a municipality receives a consultation request, the municipality assigns a person in charge based on the consultation details, and then the municipality strives to help users with their anxieties or other problems via chat or phone-based consultation in line with the user's preference.

Tsukubamirai-city will start using this consultation function in April.
HENNGE will continue expanding CHROMO's functions to keep promoting smooth two-way communication between municipalities and residents.

■ CHROMO, a solution for child-rearing and education fields
CHROMO provides support enabling online communication between facilities and parents. By digitizing paper-based, phone-based, and other information distributing work that generally imposes a heavy burden on staff members, CHROMO reduces the workload and contributes to staff work-style reforms. Management tools that can easily be used on facility computers and tablets are provided. Meanwhile, parents can access the system by using a free app or smartphone browser.

■ More about CHROMO
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