Major update for the SaaS authentication platform/IDaaS HENNGE One2021.08.11


HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Kazuhiro Ogura) is pleased to announce that the HENNGE Secure Download, HENNGE Cloud Protection, and HENNGE Lock Plus functions will be added to the SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS) HENNGE One and provided starting on Friday, October 1, 2021.

HENNGE One is a SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS) that achieves secure access and single sign-on for multiple cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box, and LINE WORKS. This cloud security service also includes measures to prevent the sending of emails to the wrong people as well as email archive functions, and the service strikes a balance between convenience and safety.

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This update 1) handles the abolition of PPAP, 2) protects emails from targeted threats, 3) enhances telecommuting security measures, and achieves similar goals.


■ HENNGE Secure Download

In November of 2020, the Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat pointed out problems associated with the PPAP method-a measure to prevent the sending of emails to the wrong people by automatically compressing attached files as encrypted ZIP files, sending them, and then sending a password using a separate email-resulting in focus on alternative methods. HENNGE Secure Download is a solution for handling the abolition of PPAP. When an email is sent, the attached file is automatically uploaded to HENNGE One. The email recipient can then enter an authentication code issued by HENNGE Secure Download in order to download the uploaded file. 4secure_download_1.png

■ HENNGE Cloud Protection

Email phishing scams, ransomware attacks, targeted threats, and other attacks are a constant problem. HENNGE Cloud Protection protects Microsoft 365 emails, which are widely used around the world. This service seamlessly links with Microsoft 365 to scan all Microsoft 365 items (emails, tasks, plans, etc.) and harmful content URLs. The service uses a sandbox to dynamically analyze suspicious files in order to safely detect malicious behavior. HENNGE Cloud Protection also covers sophisticated threats and targeted threats that cannot be detected using Microsoft 365's standard security measures. 5cloud_protection_2.png 6cloud_protection_1.png

■ HENNGE Lock Plus

Due to an increase in companies promoting telecommuting, more and more companies are introducing access restrictions that involve issuing digital certificates to mobile computers (Windows/Mac) and smart devices (iOS/Mac) and then only allowing devices that have such certificates to access cloud services. However, digital certificates have issues related to the types of apps used to handle them. For example, due to the specifications of iOS, many business apps could not be controlled using digital certificates in the past. Using HENNGE Lock Plus enables access restrictions for many business apps that were difficult to control until now. 7lock_plus.png

HENNGE will continue to add various functions to HENNGE One in order to help companies introduce SaaS that achieves both convenience and safety.

■ HENNGE One line-up (starting on October 1, 2021)

□ HENNGE One Suite
・HENNGE One Basic: 600 yen per month
・HENNGE One Pro: 1,000 yen per month

□ By HENNGE One function
・HENNGE IDP Edition: starting at 150 yen per month
・HENNGE DLP Edition: starting at 300 yen per month
・HENNGE ARC Edition: starting at 300 yen per month
・HENNGE Cloud Protection: starting at 200 yen per month

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■ Endorsements

□SB C&S Corp.
SB C&S wholeheartedly welcomes the recent announcement of the new version of HENNGE One.
Up until now, SB C&S has provided HENNGE One to many partners and other companies in combination with Microsoft 365 and various cloud services. With more and more companies required to get away from the PPAP approach and handle cyberattacks resulting from emails, we believe that the new version of HENNGE One could lead to the development of new markets in addition to past IDaaS solutions.
SB C&S will continue to enhance its cooperation with HENNGE in order to help companies safely and securely implement cloud-based systems.
SB C&S Corp., Vice President, Deputy Head of ICT Unit : Mr. Katsumi Moriya

□CTCSP Corporation
CTCSP Corporation wholeheartedly welcomes the recent release of the new version of HENNGE One.
As more people recognize the importance of the zero trust security approach, we are confident that HENNGE One maintains the convenience of customer SaaS utilization and will contribute to measures to raise the standard for security. .
We will continue further enhancing our cooperation with HENNGE as we actively provide our telecommuting solutions in combination with HENNGE One.
CTCSP Corporation, President : Mr. Akira Tamanoi

□SYNNEX Japan Corporation
We wholeheartedly welcome the recent new version release.
We have an extensive track record of providing cloud solutions-including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace-and we believe that IDaaS solutions such as HENNGE One will be essential in the post-COVID-19 era for domestic companies to securely utilize such cloud services on a global basis.
We are confident that the recent release of HENNGE One to which the new functions have been added will help to support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies.
SYNNEX Japan Corporation, Vice President of Product Management : Mr. Hiroyasu Ito

DAIWABO INFORMATION SYSTEM sincerely welcomes the release of new features of HENNGE One.
Due to the impact of the spread of COVID-19, many companies have developed their environment to enable teleworking. In the world of this "new normal", workplaces that supports new ways of working will steadily expand for sure.
On the other hand, although many companies are aware of the importance of security measures in the new environment, they are still confused about where to start. Under these circumstances, we are confident that the new features of HENNGE One will provide a security service that facilitates the use of cloud services in digital workplace and supports a variety of devices. We are convinced that this will help to solve the challenges of new workplaces.
We will continue to resolve problems in user environments through collaboration with our nationwide sales partners.
DAIWABO INFORMATION SYSTEM CO., LTD., Managing Director : Mr. Takao Yamashita

TOYOTA TSUSHO SYSTEMS wholeheartedly welcomes the release of the new version of HENNGE One.
Our company provides Microsoft 365 and other cloud services to the Toyota Group. By combining the new version of HENNGE One with the services we provide, we hope to accelerate our ability to provide a communication platform that supports the globally expanding supply chain of each Toyota Group company.
We will continue to closely cooperate with HENNGE K.K. to contribute to the further development of our customers.
TOYOTA TSUSHO SYSTEMS CORPORATION, President : Mr. Hirotoshi Watanabe

□NEC Corporation
As companies further reform their work styles and demand both convenience and safety when it comes to utilizing cloud services, we wholeheartedly welcome the release of the new version of HENNGE One, which effectively responds to the needs of the times.
We will continue further enhancing our cooperation with HENNGE to contribute to corporate work style reforms and productivity improvements.
NEC Corporation, Platform Solution Division, General Manager : Mr. Kenji Tao

□Networld Corporation
Networld Corporation wholeheartedly welcomes the recent release of the new version of HENNGE One.
Our company handles many security products, and-as the needs for IDaaS solutions enabling centralized management of many cloud services increase-HENNGE One represents a realistic solution that achieves convenient, safe SaaS utilization, and we are confident that it will contribute to corporate work style reforms and productivity improvements.
Networld Corporation, Director, Marketing Div. : Mr. Takuo Kurokawa

■ About HENNGE K.K.
Guided by the philosophy of the liberation of technology, we pursue independent technologies and new technologies suitable for the times to develop services that bridge the gap between technology and reality ahead of other companies.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: 16-28 Daiwa Shibuya Square, Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

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