Changing lives with the liberation of technology! Tsukubamirai and HENNGE conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement2021.10.04

On September 28 (Tue.), the city of Tsukubamirai, Ibaraki Prefecture (mayor: Hiroshi Odagawa) and HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Ogura, called HENNGE below) concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement aimed at further developing the comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded in January of 2020 to revitalize the community through child care support and utilizing SumaMachi, a service for achieving smooth two-way communication with local residents to promote municipal DX in Tsukubamirai.

Comments from Mr. Odagawa, Mayor of Tsukubamirai
The purpose of this agreement is to utilize ICT technologies in order to revitalize the community further and improve public services. By implementing a service that enables smooth two-way communication with citizens, we will aim to improve public services in a wider variety of fields.
Based on this agreement, we will strive to utilize ICT technologies to make Tsukubamirai the most comfortable city for its citizens in Japan, and we hope to develop this project in cooperation with HENNGE K.K. actively.

Comments from Mr. Miyamoto, Representative Director and Executive Senior Vice President of HENNGE K.K.
Since last year, we have been talking to Mr. Odagawa about what kinds of initiatives are effective for making Tsukubamirai a more comfortable place to live in.
As a result, we learned that our company's technologies had been useful for the city's daycare center and child care support center as well as for providing information to pregnant women. I am delighted that we have been able to conclude a new comprehensive cooperation agreement, which will enable us to expand our services from child care support as the next step.
I hope to make initiatives that will serve as a precedent for municipality DX a reality with both Mr. Odagawa and the citizens of Tsukubamirai.

■ Overview of the comprehensive cooperation agreement
・Name of the cooperation agreement
Changing lives with the liberation of technology! Comprehensive cooperation agreement to promote DX in Tsukubamirai

・Conclusion date
September 28, 2021

The purpose of the agreement is to promote initiatives based on close mutual cooperation between the city of Tsukubamirai and HENNGE as well as the utilization of ICT technologies to seamlessly gain an understanding of the opinions of Tsukubamirai citizens in order to revitalize the community, provide improved public services, promote DX in Tsukubamirai, and make it Japan's most comfortable city to live in.

・Items of cooperation
(1) Utilizing ICT technologies to promote the building of a community that makes Tsukubamirai more comfortable for its citizens to live in
(2) Other items necessary to achieve the purpose of the agreement

・Initiative slogan
Listening to the people to build a brighter future

■ Promotion partners related to this comprehensive cooperation agreement
JR East Marketing & Communications,Inc.

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■ About SumaMachi
SumaMachi is a new communication service intended to connect municipalities and residents and achieve smooth two-way communication between them. By making communication tools available online, digitizing documents, and taking similar steps, this service helps facilitate communication between municipalities and residents. In addition, digitizing information distribution work, which was conventionally done using paper, the phone, etc., reduces the workload and contributes to work-style innovation.
On the municipality side, it will be provided with management tools that can be easily used with a computer or tablet.
Residents can use the service with a free app or smartphone browser.
Contact information:

■ About HENNGE K.K.
Guided by the philosophy of the liberation of technology, we pursue independent technologies and new technologies suitable for the times to develop services that bridge the gap between technology and reality ahead of other companies.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

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