HENNGE Adds the Fully Online Reference Check Service "back check" to the linkage solutions of HENNGE One2022.05.27

HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kazuhiro Ogura, "HENNGE") is pleased to announce that its SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS), "HENNGE One", now supports "back check", which is a fully online reference check service provided by

By adding back check to the linkage solutions of HENNGE One, companies utilizing HENNGE One benefit from single sign-on to back check without the hassle of managing multiple IDs and passwords. Also, users are able to utilize back check safely as the access control features of HENNGE One, such as IP control and two-step authentication, prevent unauthorized access.

HENNGE will continue to expand its support for the SaaS services which work with its SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS), HENNGE One, and to assist in the convenient and safe introduction of SaaS by companies.

■ About back check
“back check” is a reference check service for recruiting which enables collection of referrals on the recruiting candidates from third parties, such as the candidates’ supervisors and colleagues who had worked with the candidates, which is normally not available on application documents and obtained at interviews. Depending on the professions and the job ranks, “back check” generates optimal questions according to each company’s hiring objectives and enables reference check online. “back check” is adopted by a broad range of companies, from start-ups to major enterprises, regardless of the industry and the occupation they are hiring.

■ About HENNGE One
HENNGE One is a SaaS authentication platform (IDaaS) that provides comprehensive secure access, single sign-on function, and other features across various cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box, and LINE WORKS. It supports a wide range of email security as well, such as preventing sending cloud emails to wrong addresses, protecting against targeted attacks, and performing email auditing. HENNGE One works with various cloud services and it is utilized by a broad range of customers, such as financial institutions and other large-scale enterprise companies, administrative organizations, and so on.

■ About
ROXX. Inc. is a start-up company whose corporate mission is to “Create an Epoch-making Turning Point”. The company develops and operates the cloud-based hiring database, which is specialized for recruiting agencies, “agent bank”, and a fully online reference check service”, back check”.

Company Name:
Address: Shinjuku East Side Square 8F, 6-27-30, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Representative: Taro Nakajima, CEO

■ About HENNGE K.K.
HENNGE K.K. was established in November 1996. It is a SaaS company, guided by the philosophy of "liberation of technology to change the world" and it develops and sells unique services that bridge the gap between technology and reality. HENNGE provides "HENNGE One", a one-stop cloud security service enabling consolidated IDs and passwords management of multiple cloud services, "Customers Mail Cloud" which is a cloud email distribution service, and "SumaMachi", which is an interactive communication service between local government bodies and their residents. Since October 2019, HENNGE had been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Mothers, and then, a transition was made to the TSE Growth in April, 2022.
The company name "HENNGE" originated from the Japanese character for transformation, 'HENNKA' and 'CHALLENGE', which represents its commitment to keep challenging against every change we encounter.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

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