Online Talk Event “HENNGE Talks!” Held on September 7th (Wed) and 8th (Thu) 2022.08.30

HENNGE will hold an online talk event "HENNGE Talks!" on September 7th (Wed) and 8th (Thu). This event is intended for software engineers and designers who are interested in working in Japan and looking to level up their tech skills and knowledge.
(HENNGE is recruiting participants for its "Global Internship" program, which accepts foreign engineers as interns.)


At the event, 13 engineers and designers including Kazuhiro Ogura, the CEO and CTO of HENNGE, will take the stage. A total of six themes will be discussed throughout the two-day event, including technical talks, talks based on their expertise and about the work styles of Japanese tech companies.

Event Title HENNGE Talks!
Dates of the Event September 7th, 2022 (Wed) 12:00 ~ 17:00 (JST)
September 8th, 2022 (Thu) 12:00 ~ 17:00 (JST)

*Participants are also welcome to attend only the session(s) of their interests.
Contents of the Talks ・[Session1] Single Sign-On, Endless Possibilities
September 7th (Wed) 12:00〜13:00

・[Session2] Next Gen Company Culture
September 7th (Wed) 14:00〜15:00

・[Session3] Get More Out of Your Next Tech Conference
September 7th (Wed) 16:00〜17:00

・[Session4] Behind the Screens: UI/UX Design for Impact
September 8th (Thu) 12:00〜13:00

・[Session5] Front-End Focus: Maintaining Cloud Stores from the Front-End Only
September 8th (Thu) 14:00〜15:00

・[Session6] Enter the New World of Work
September 8th (Thu) 16:00〜17:00

*All sessions will be conducted in English.
Venue Online
Hosting HENNGE.K.K.
Participation Fee Free (Pre-Registration Required)
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