Special Collaboration between An IT Company and A Long-established Sauna Bathhouse! From May 1 to 8, HENNGE and Kairyou-yu Will Be Holding “HENNGE-yu by HENNGE” 2023.04.18


HENNGE K.K (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kazuhiro Ogura, “HENNGE”) is pleased to announce that the company will be collaborating with “Kairyou-yu”, the long-established sauna bathhouse in Shibuya, Tokyo, to hold the limited time event “HENNGE-yu by HENNGE” from May 1 (Monday) to May 8 (Monday).

During the event period, visitors can enjoy a variety of interior decorations with the theme of “change” at the Kairou-yu bathhouse. In addition to changing the bathtub’ waters to 7 colors on a daily basis, the aroma of “löyly”, the steam that evaporates from pouring water over heated stones, will also be changed daily. Bathrooms will also be filled with washbowls and illuminations of various colors. Along with that, the venue will be decorated with colorful curtains and posters. In addition, those who follow HENNGE's recruitment Twitter account will receive a sports drink in order to support the “revitalizing” and “changing” spirits. (Presents will be given out to the first 200 visitors of each day. Admission fee is required).



■ Background of the event
HENNGE, whose company name originated from the Japanese characters for transformation “HENNKA” and “CHALLENGE”, has undergone various changes in Shibuya since its establishment in 1996. The company name has changed twice; our business areas have also changed in response to the needs of the times, and in 2016, the official language of the company was changed to English, transforming HENNGE into a global company where approximately 20% of employees are foreign nationals.

At the time when we were thinking about ways to promote HENNGE’s attitude of taking on challenges without fear of failures, along with our diverse culture, to a wider audience, a group of sauna enthusiast in their 20-30s came up with the idea of collaborating with Kairyou-yu, the bathhouse which has been operating in the same Shibuya area since Taisho era and has been constantly undergoing renovations. In order to challenge new initiatives that have never existed before, the group of sauna enthusiasts has planned, managed and actualized the collaboration event with Kairyou-yu.

Through “HENNGE-yu by HENNGE”, the company wants to support all those who are trying to change into a new person and challenge the new world.


■ About “HENNGE-yu by HENNGE”
Event name: HENNGE-yu by HENNGE
Event details: The color of the bathtub and the aroma of “löyly” will be changed daily, and the venue will be decorated with colorful washbowls, illuminations, curtains, and posters; those who follow HENNGE's recruitment Twitter account (@HENNGE_Sales314) will receive a sports drink (first 200 visitors each day. Admission fee is required)
Location: Kairyou-yu (2-19-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Dates: Monday, May 1 - Monday, May 8, 2023 *Closed on Saturday, May 6
Operation hours: 12:00-23:30 (last admission at 23:00)
Admission: Adults 500 yen, Sauna 450 yen, etc.
*Please note that the dates and times of events are subject to change.

■ About Kairyou-yu
Established in 1926, Kairyou-yu is a public bathhouse where visitors can fully enjoy the beauty, health, communication among people, and the natural allure of a public bathhouse. With the concept being “a bathhouse where cultures intersect”, Kairyou-yu hopes that our visitors can experience cultures from various angles in Shibuya, where a wide variety of people and cultures from all over the world gather, and the community created here will grow together. The name “Kairyou-yu” is derived from the phrase “常に改良していく” (Tsune ni kairyou shiteiku), which means to constantly grow and improve.
Location: 2-19-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Closed on: Saturday
Operation hours: Weekdays and Sundays/holidays 12:00-23:30 (last admission 23:00)

■ About HENNGE K.K.
HENNGE K.K. was established in November 1996. It is a SaaS company, guided by the philosophy of "liberation of technology to change the world" and it develops and sells unique services that bridge the gap between technology and reality. HENNGE provides "HENNGE One", a one-stop cloud security service enabling consolidated IDs and passwords management of multiple cloud services, "Customers Mail Cloud" which is a cloud email distribution service, and "SumaMachi", which is an interactive communication service between local government bodies and their residents. Since October 2019, HENNGE had been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Mothers, and then, a transition was made to the TSE Growth in April, 2022.
The company name "HENNGE" originated from the Japanese character for transformation, 'HENNKA' and 'CHALLENGE', which represents its commitment to keep challenging against every change we encounter.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

■ Contact information for inquiries regarding this press
Corporate Communication Division
TEL: 03-6415-3660
Person in charge: Yano

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