HENNGE Adds "Universal Kinjiro," a One-stop System for Labor and Health Management, to the Linkage Solution of HENNGE One2024.03.13

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HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kazuhiro Ogura) is pleased to announce that its cloud security service "HENNGE One," which advances the safety and convenience of working environments, now supports "Universal Kinjiro," a one-stop system for labor and health management, provided by Kinjiro Co., Ltd.

Since implementing Work Style Reform laws in 2019, many companies have endeavored to reduce overworking and promote flexible work styles. Health and Productivity Management, a strategy for ensuring healthy employee retention, is also a major trend as the working population is expected to decrease significantly. This is where the need lies for a solution comprehensively addressing labor and health management.

HENNGE One is integrated with Universal Kinjiro to enable the companies employing HENNGE One to use a single sign-on to Universal Kinjiro. They no longer have to manage complicated multiple IDs and passwords. Furthermore, HENNGE One's access control features, such as IP Control and multi-factor authentication like device certificate, contribute to safer usage of Universal Kinjiro, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
HENNGE will continue to increase integrated SaaS with HENNGE One to support companies' convenient and secure adoption of SaaS.

■ About Universal Kinjiro
Universal Kinjiro is an all-in-one solution that handles labor and health management simultaneously to support creating pleasant workplaces and improving employees' health. It is a universal system that respects all people and is designed to provide operation, not features.
The users can use flexible workload management, multiple navigation sets, and authorization settings based on user roles without customization because the tool supports various workstyles regardless of industry, business type, or company size. The average churn rate over the past year (at the time of this press release delivery) has remained stable at a low level of 0.17%, indicating high trust and satisfaction with the product.

■ About HENNGE One
HENNGE One is a cloud security service that supports the "safety" and "convenience" of the working environment. The "IdP Edition," one of the two main functions of HENNGE One, integrates ID/passwords for multiple cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Box, and prevents unauthorized access through access control. The "E-Mail Security Edition" includes various email security functions, including non-PPAP, targeted attack protection, and email error/audit support. With multiple functions, we support using cloud services for enterprises and continue our corporate philosophy of "Liberation of Technology."

■ About Kinjiro Co., Ltd.
As the provider of Universal Kinjiro with the belief that workers' health and happiness are the cornerstones of the company's bright future, it aggregates labor management data with health management data, including the result of health and stress check-ups, to create integrated ERP and support strategic HRM following business policy.

Company name: Kinjiro Co., Ltd.
Address: Akihabara UDX Bld. 18F, 4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kozo Kamura, President
Businesses: Development and sales of ERP software

■ About HENNGE K.K.
Established in November 1996, HENNGE K.K. is a SaaS company guided by the philosophy of "liberation of technology to change the world." It develops and sells unique services that bridge the gap between technology and reality, providing "HENNGE One," a one-stop cloud security service that enables consolidated IDs and passwords management of multiple cloud services, and "Customers Mail Cloud, " a cloud email distribution service. Since October 2019, HENNGE had been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Mothers, and then, a transition was made to the TSE Growth in April 2022.
The company name "HENNGE" originated from the Japanese character for transformation, 'HENNKA' and 'CHALLENGE' representing its commitment to keep challenging against every change we encounter.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

■ Contact information for inquiries regarding this press release
Corporate Communication Division
TEL: 03-6415-3660
Person in charge: Yamamoto

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