HENNGE Adds "Galileopt DX," an ERP Solution for Medium-sized Businesses, to the Linkage Solution of HENNGE One2024.05.01


HENNGE K.K. (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Kazuhiro Ogura) is pleased to announce that its cloud security service "HENNGE One," which advances the safety and convenience of working environments, now supports "Galileopt DX," an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for medium-sized companies provided by MIROKU JYOHO SERVICE CO., LTD.

More and more companies are exploring the best ways of streamlining work processes and improving productivity to address intensifying global competition, the declining birthrate, and the aging population. However, the DX White Paper 2023 compiled by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) has pointed out that small and medium-sized companies have much more things with DX than larger enterprises because of the inadequate budget, personnel, knowledge, and expertise. Cloud services are one of the expected ways to solve these challenges.

HENNGE One is integrated with Galileopt DX to enable the companies employing HENNGE One to use a single sign-on to Galileopt DX. They no longer have to manage complicated multiple IDs and passwords. Furthermore, HENNGE One's access control features, such as IP Control and multi-factor authentication like device certificate, contribute to safer usage of Galileopt DX, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
HENNGE will continue to try to increase integrated SaaS with "HENNGE One" to support companies' convenient and secure adoption of SaaS.

■ About Galileopt DX
Galileopt DX, an impetus for customers' further growth, provides multiple modules, including finance, workflow, payroll, HR, purchase, sales, and asset management, targeting medium-sized businesses with JPY 5 billion to 50 billion in sales. It facilitates business operations' digital transformation (DX) with helpful options, such as enhanced data integration platforms, AI-supported journal entries in accounting, and smartphone-compatible workflows to contribute to the company's total business optimization, labor savings in accounting work, and early account settlement.

■ About HENNGE One
HENNGE One is a cloud security service with the largest share in Japan that ensures business productivity improvement. While exploiting new technologies such as SaaS is crucial to improve productivity, businesses are challenging various issues, including security.
HENNGE One consists of three editions: Identity Edition, which protects multiple system IDs in one place, making work styles more secure and efficient; DLP Edition, which prevents unintentional leakages of scattered information across the organization; and Cybersecurity Edition, which protects companies from cyber attacks through a holistic approach of technology, individuals, and processes.
It provides all organizations with security, combining functionality, usability, and availability, to resolve their issues and fulfill the liberation of technology.

Since 1977, MJS has targeted a specific market through our company policy of "developing and expanding the finest management systems and know-how for tax accountant and CPA firms and their clients (small/mid-sized companies) while also offering management information services.

So, MJS has a competitive edge in special know-how and technology that it has accumulated for more than 45 years as an innovator in accounting and management systems.

MJS is constantly integrating the latest technology to meet its customers' increasing demand.

■ About HENNGE K.K.
Established in November 1996, HENNGE K.K. is a SaaS company guided by the philosophy of "liberation of technology to change the world." It develops and sells unique services that bridge the gap between technology and reality, providing "HENNGE One," a one-stop cloud security service that enables consolidated IDs and passwords management of multiple cloud services, and "Customers Mail Cloud, " a cloud email distribution service. Since October 2019, HENNGE had been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Mothers, and then, a transition was made to the TSE Growth in April 2022.
The company name "HENNGE" originated from the Japanese character for transformation, 'HENNKA' and 'CHALLENGE' representing its commitment to keep challenging against every change we encounter.

Company name: HENNGE K.K. (securities code: 4475)
Address: Daiwa Shibuya Square, 16-28 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuhiro Ogura (Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

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