Thank you for joining HENNGE Talks! 2020.07.03

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Thank you all who participated in our very first virtual talk show in June. More than 350 participants from 30 different countries around the world attended our first three episodes series. (Hopefully) everyone got to know HENNGE better and learn more about what it's like to actually work in Japan. Thank you all for your support, and we will see you all at our next episode of HENNGE Talks!.

HENNGE Talks!; a three-episode, live virtual talk show that shared our first-hand life experiences, debunked the myths of working in a Japanese company, and answered questions about pursuing a career in Japan.

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Episode 1: Work and Life in Japan as a Foreigner

Episode 2: HENNGE Culture in a Nutshell

Episode 3: Life as a Global Intern at HENNGE

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