[2020 October] HENNGE Global Internship Program 2021 slots.

Official Announcement regarding HENNGE Global Internship Program 2021 slots.

Belle Wu

[This Announcement is updated on Oct 8th]

When we initially kept the Global Internship's 2021 batches open, we were optimistic about the current situation around the world. International travel does not seem to be possible any time soon. As much as we would like every one of our interns to feel the full global internship experience at HENNGE in Tokyo, the current situation around the world remains uncertain. With all of this in mind, we are making some adjustments to the internship program.

Can I still apply for 2021 slots?

Our 2021 slots are full at this moment, and we will not be accepting any new applications for batches in 2021. We will announce any new opening for the 2021 batches on our website.

Can I apply for 2022 batches?

We are currently offering our Spring 2022 remote internship batches! Please find out more information from the link below.

Spring 2022

Does the internship in 2020 still take place?

Yes. 2020's batches are still happening!

However, as the situation in Japan continues to remain uncertain, we have been compelled to make some adjustments for our 2020's Batch 5 & 6 slots. We ask our incoming interns to choose new future batches while providing a remote internship program for select candidates.*

How does the remote internship work?

The six-week program is shortened into a three-week virtual program. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, the interns may attend the remaining three weeks onsite. (The on-site internship is not mandatory.)

Am I eligible for a remote internship?

Those who are within reasonable time differences and have or will be graduated before their preferred slots will be prioritized for the Virtual internship. For those who aren't, please select latter batches and remain flexible in their batch preferences.

We are watching the situation closely and keep you posted with the next announcement, For general FAQ, please click here.

Belle Wu