Life as a Global Intern at HENNGE

Our intern Camilo will be sharing his six-weeek Global Internship Program experiences!

Camilo Sampedro

Who better to ask about the internship than the previous interns themselves? Camilo, our former intern and software engineer from Colombia, will be sharing his six-week Global Internship Program experiences with you and answering your questions!


Software Engineer at HENNGE

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So, what should you expect from your internship abroad?

Camilo was one of our former interns from Colombia and HENNGE GIP was his first global internship. Hear about his journey from preparing for his internship and flying all the way to Tokyo, what he did during his time in HENNGE, to how he decided to work and live here after his internship.

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What you'll learn

  • How was the preparation, from passing the interview to the first day of GIP?

  • What was it like to work with fellow interns and employees at HENNGE?

  • How was the journey from start to finish and now living and working in Japan?

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Camilo Sampedro

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