Episode: 1

Posted on June 01, 2020

Virtual Talk Show

Work and Life in Japan as a Foreigner

June 12     11AM JST | 7PM PDT

Work and Life in Japan as a Foreigner

Living in a new country for the first time can be full of uncertainty and excitement.
Hear first-hand from our international employees about their experiences living and working in Japan!

Software Engineer

Switzerland (Joined in 2015)

Global Talent Marketing Manager

Indonesia (Joined in 2015)

Have you ever been traveling to Japan before? You must have, at least, heard about the technology, fantastic sceneries, and unique culture. But what about working and living there?

Join us on June 12th, 11 am JST to hear the stories of Jonas from Switzerland and Yuri from Indonesia about their decision of moving to Japan, along with their personal experience on surviving the land of the rising sun.

Date: June 12, 2020
Time: 11 AM JST | 7 PM PT

"But I don't think the date works for me..."

Don't worry - we got you covered! Register yourself to the session you wish to attend and we will send you the full recording after the session.

What you'll learn:

✔   What should I know before moving to Japan?
✔   What are the pros and cons of building a career in Japan?
✔   How is it like to live in Japan without being fluent in Japanese?

Contact gip-inquiry@hennge.com for further questions

HENNGE Talks! Episode: 2

Posted on June 01, 2020

An exclusive live session with our co-founder, CEO and CTO Kazuhiro Ogura, where you will get a glimpse of what makes HENNGE the company as we are now. This "Kimono Guy" himself will be answering some of your questions so be sure to stay until the end!

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HENNGE Talks! Episode: 3

Posted on June 01, 2020

Who better to ask about the internship than the previous interns themselves? Camilo, our former intern and software engineer from Colombia, will be sharing his six-week Global Internship Program experiences with you and answering your questions!

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