Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Regarding the handling of personal information

[Purpose of use of personal data]

This company receives customer's personal information through the following actions.

  1. Inquiries regarding products handled by our company
  2. Support and post-purchase inquiries regarding products handled by our company
  3. Receiving applications for evaluation of products handled by our company
  4. Surveys regarding our service and products handled by our company
  5. Applications for our events
  6. User registration
  7. Support registration
  8. Registration for subscription to our email magazine
  9. Human resources

Customer information provided to us by the above actions through our website,

  1. Information to customers regarding products handled by our company
  2. Conducting surveys with customers
  3. Development of our new products
  4. Improvement of customer service
  5. Work-related contact with customers

are only used as stated above.

Currently, customer access of our website may be used for analysis of usage trends we use to provide services tailored to our customers, as well as improve the content of our website

[Scope of personal information use]

The personal information provided by our customers is covered in our company's confidentiality agreement, with exception to the following circumstances.

Under no circumstances do we provide or disclose to third-parties other than partner companies.

  1. The customer agrees to disclosure of the information
  2. Disclosure is requested based on legal procedure.
  3. The customer is judged to be harming the interests of a third-party
  4. Disclosure of statistical personal information we collect on our website for usage trend analysis.

[Related laws and compliance with other standards]

Our company complies with the applicable laws and other standards in regards to the personal information provided by our customers.

[Inquiries regarding handling of personal information]

For any other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please direct them to the following address.
Personal Information Management Staff.