HENNGE Culture in a Nutshell

The "Kimono Guy" himself will be answering some of your questions so be sure to stay until the end!

Ogura Kazuhiro

Co-founder, CEO and CTO
Kazuhiro "Kimono Guy" Ogura

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HENNGE is the #1 cloud security provider in Japan with over 25% of our employees coming from oversees. However, we weren't always like this and we have had our fair share of struggles over the years. Hear the story of HENNGE and how it came to be the company we see today.

Join us at 11AM JST to hear about the challenges we have faced over the years and how our company culture has evolved to overcome them.

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What you'll learn

  • How did the journey of HENNGE begin?

  • How did globalization in HENNGE start and why?

  • How has diversity shaped HENNGE and HENNGE's working style?

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Ogura Kazuhiro

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