Get More out of Your Next Tech Conference | HENNGE Talks! 2022 - Episode 3


Which tech conference is for you? With so many industry events out there, it’s time to find out which ones to attend.

For the final session of HENNGE Talks! day one, Host Sean sat down with Jonas, a senior Python engineer, and Charles, a senior mobile engineer to talk about tech conferences. Both Jonas and Charles are frequent attendees as well as speakers at various conferences. In this episode, both speakers share their experiences in attending these events and meeting interesting participants and offer tips for becoming a speaker at these conferences.

“The more different your ideas are, the more likely one might get selected.” - Charles


Tech conferences are usually talk-focused and have specific themes. Not only can you gain a lot from attending such conferences, but also speaking at these events can help enhance your career. Although applying to be a speaker for these conferences can be quite competitive with each conference having its own criteria, it is not impossible to become a speaker! If you are interested in giving a talk at a tech conference, then Jonas and Charles both have tips for you.

What you'll learn from this session:
・What are tech conferences?
・Reasons why you should attend one.
・Tips for applying as a speaker at a tech conference.

Watch the full episode below:

The fourth episode of HENNGE Talks! is a glimpse into how designers at HENNGE collaborate. Check out the live demo by Sara and Kame, UI/UX designers at HENNGE.

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