How Front-End Teams Can Maintain Their Own Cloud Stores | HENNGE Talks! 2022 - Episode 5


How can front-end teams create and maintain a simple cloud store without relying on the back-end?

Front-end engineer Abid hosted the front-end focus session with two other front-end members, Henry and Mussin, who are working on the same product team (Email Data Loss Prevention Team) at HENNGE. In this technical session, the two members explained how they found the solution by using AppSync for the problem they were trying to solve.

“We decided to go with AppSync mainly because we wanted to try GraphQL since it’s a new technology and so the curiosity with these new tools.”- Mussin


Dedicated APIs involve extensive discussion between front-end and back-end teams before implementation. When the front-end team found a need to store some UI-related data that was not mission-critical, they figured it made sense to track and manage within their team without having to rely on the back-end team. After carefully considering many criteria, the team found a match with AppSync. Find out how they began their journey to using GraphQL and AppSync.

What you'll learn from this session:
・Practical examples of how front-end engineers can create and maintain a simple infrastructure of their own
・A look at how front-end teams can leverage AWS AppSync to act as a secure data store of arbitrary values using GraphQL
・Learnings about the challenges of applying new technologies to existing projects

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For the sixth and final episode of HENNGE Talks!, take a look into how the pandemic has influenced the way people work, especially at a medium-sized B2B company in Japan.

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