Behind the Screens: UI/UX Design for Impact | HENNGE Talks! 2022 - Episode 4


User interface and experience is the first thing we see when we interact with technology, but to what extent does it drive product development?

We opened our second day of HENNGE Talks! 2022 with a live demo session, presented by our design team. Sara and Kame, who are both designers at HENNGE, staged a collaborative demo to illustrate the design process at a B2B cloud security company. They were joined by our host Laine.

“At HENNGE, we come from not just Japan but also many other countries. They (other global members) always bring new perspectives when we have design-related discussions so I learn a lot every day and I love that culture.” - Kame


Sara and Kame are mainly in charge of the UI/UX design within HENNGE’s design team. Having a small design team, both of them work with four different products that are part of HENNGE One, our main product. In the session, the two ran through the tools they use on a daily basis, and their design process and demonstrated how they use the pair design method using Figma to collaborate. If you ever wondered what working in a design team looks like, then definitely do not miss this session!

What you'll learn from this session:
・Live demo and exclusive insights from HENNGE's UI/UX designers.
・A deep dive into the challenges that UI/UX roles must consider at every stage of the B2B cloud security product planning process.
・Tips to ensure the end result is an impactful user experience.

Watch the full episode below:

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