Work in Japan: The New Normal | HENNGE Talks! 2022 - Episode 6


Much has been said of the 'new normal' and flexible working styles, but what does this look like for a mid-size tech company in Japan?

In the final episode of HENNGE Talks! 2022, Sean was joined by HENNGE’s CEO, CTO Kazuhiro Ogura, Michael from the Cloud Development team, and Jo from the Product Marketing team. The speakers exchanged their thoughts on the new working style triggered by the pandemic, how workcations helped rebuild the communication limited by the pandemic, and finally how full-remote (the new normal) might not be the only answer to the post-pandemic workstyle.

“We are a company that experiments on new things and we always try out new things, make mistakes, and learn from it.” - Ogura-san


As a cloud security company, HENNGE practiced a remote working style even before the pandemic. As a result, members didn’t have much difficulty transitioning to a fully remote working style in the beginning. However, as the pandemic prolonged and members faced new challenges such as limited communication, teams at HENNGE began to come up with solutions to regain lost social interaction and rebuild relationships. From online ‘donut’ sessions during the peak pandemic to workcations and team office days, find out how a B2B mid-size tech company in Japan is now coming out of the pandemic.

What you'll learn from this session:
・A virtual front-row seat with HENNGE CEO, CTO, and Co-founder Kazuhiro Ogura
・Real-world examples exploring the phenomenon of 'workcations'
・Personal pros and cons from those who've experienced them
・Steps taken to keep adapting and innovating when it comes to shaping the new world of work

Watch the full episode below:

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